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AJ is Reggie Evans (Denver Nuggets) Tournament MVP in Pensacola, FL


We focus on COMPETITION at the highest level.  Our teams compete in AAU and YBOA tournaments.  Depending on the team, they will travel out of state to play the best teams in the region and the country.  We select our teams to be competitive and strive to give our players a winning experience.  Winning isn't everything, but it is one of our goals.  We plan to have top ranked teams in the state of Georgia and to compete in the National Championship Tournaments each year.
At such a young age, SKILLS DEVELOPMENT is crucial.  With significant practice and game time, we are able to teach the boys a great deal.  We encourage them to try new things and progress their individual and team game.  Every player should make tremendous progress in their skill level throughout the season.
Athletics are a great tool for teaching CHARACTER.  Each week during the season we focus on one of our 8 core characater words (Discipline, Hard Work, Determination, Team Work, Courage, Tougness, Leadership, Faith).  We discuss what it means on and off the court.  The player who best exemplifies that character word during the weekly tournament wins the Weekly Character Award.
Every one of our players is a STUDENT.  Our goal is for each of them to receive a college scholarship.  We have a College Prep Program where we visit colleges and our coaches will inform the players and parents about how to earn a college scholarship.  We also have a program to help interested players receive a scholarship to a private middle school or high school. Contact Coach Anthony Phillips for more information.